Reapply frequently every time you sweat! The correct way to use sunscreen

“Though I applied sunscreen correctly, I ended up getting suntanned?” – Did you know that you can avoid getting a suntan by learning the correct way to apply sunscreen using the appropriate amount? Yes, using the right way to apply sunscreen will maximize its sun protection effect!

We will show you the correct way to apply sunscreen effectively and spots that you tend to forget to apply.

I won’t make the same mistake anymore! Six points to bid a farewell to an unintended suntan:

POINT1: Shake well before using
POINT2: For the face, apply 20mm amount of sunscreen, put it on five spots (cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin) and smooth it
POINT3: Apply moving the hands widely
POINT4:After applying to the entire face evenly, apply another layer on the face
POINT5:For the neck, apply a 23-24mm diameter amount of sunscreen, put it on several spots and spread it lightly before smoothing it upward
POINT6: For the arms or legs, apply directly from the container to the skin lineally and smooth it gently in a big circular motion

How to apply on the face and neck

After shaking the container well, apply 20mm amount of sunscreen on the hand and place it on five spots on the face (cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin).


Spread it carefully in every corner. Apply using the whole finger and smooth it, moving your hands widely. After applying a layer, apply the same amount on the hand and apply another coat.

For the neck, apply a 23mm diameters amount of sunscreen to your hand, place it on several spots, and spread it lightly before smoothing it upward.

How to apply on the body

For the arms or legs, apply a generous amount of sunscreen directly from the container to the skin in a linear manner. Then, fit the whole hand to the skin and smooth it gently in a large circular motion. As the area from the shoulders to the chest is prone to get suntanned the most, apply carefully. Also, apply sunscreen evenly. You will get suntanned easily if sunscreen layer is too thin, so apply liberally and evenly in a linear fashion instead of applying additional layers in small batches.

You tend to fail to apply here!

On the face, you tend to fail to apply sunscreen on hairline, ears, the sides of the nostrils, between the eyebrows, eyelids, face line, also the back of the neck. An unexpected blind spot is your lips.

【Skin structure of the lips】
- Contains little melanin pigment and secretes no sebum
- Has no sweat gland
- The stratum corneum is thin

As the skin of the lips is thinner than that of others, it is vulnerable to an external stimulus. It is prone to become dry and rough, has extremely few melanocytes and is extremely undefended against ultraviolet rays. It is important to protect the lips against UV rays or dryness as is the case with the skin.

The areas that you tend to fail to apply sunscreen on the body are the back of the hand, the top of the foot, knees, the back of the knees and the sides of the body.

You tend to fail to apply to the top of the foot. Be careful not to let your barefoot have a tan line of sandals!

Tips on keeping the sunscreen effect

You may want to say, “It’s perfect because I applied the correct amount of sunscreen perfectly!” but unless you reapply properly, it is far from perfect.

●When you sweat or wipe off the sweat with a towel after swimming for long hours, reapply sunscreen as needed.

●It is recommended that you reapply every two to three hours to keep the effect.

Did I apply properly? Watch out for the wrong ways of applying sunscreent

Even if you apply sunscreen with strong UV blocking effects, if you use it in a wrong manner, there will be limited effect. Check wrong ways of applying sunscreen and get rid of a bad habit of application before it is too late.

●Face and Neck
Too many people apply sunscreen rather thinly because many users don’t want stickiness or make the makeup come off. However, the areas closer to the sun (cheeks, nose, neck and back of the chin) that tend to get the reflected heat of the sun are the zones that require attention. If you don’t guard them from UV rays, wrinkles and dark spots will appear, so protect them rigorously with sunscreen.

For the face, after applying a single layer evenly on the face, apply additional layer to the areas that are prone to suntan, such as the cheeks and the nose, to boost the effects of UV protection.

When you apply sunscreen to wide areas, such as the arms and legs or back, the key is to apply sunscreen directly to the hands and smooth it evenly over them in a big circular motion,

When is the best time to apply sunscreen?

If you apply sunscreen properly, it produces an effect immediately. So it’s OK if you apply right before going out. It is important to apply sunscreen correctly, bring it with you and reapply every two and three hours to keep its effect.

How to apply sunscreen over makeup

As you put on makeup for the face, it is hard to reapply sunscreen. If you apply milk or cream to the makeup face as it is, it will smear foundation, so remove excessive sebum on the surface of the skin using tissue and use spray-type sunscreen. You can reapply sunscreen without smearing makeup. After smoothing it lightly using the palm, apply powder on top of it.

This summer, learn the appropriate amount of sunscreen and the correct way of applying it! If you can do it, you should be able to ensure that your skin is beautiful under the sun.


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