How to Treat Body Acne - COSRX

As we all know, breakouts aren't limited to our face😭
They can develop on our backs, arms, chest, shoulders and more!😱 But don't fret - you're not alone and we have a solution!💖⠀

1️⃣To prevent clogged pores, take regular showers and ensure your clothes and sheets are freshly laundered - especially after a grueling workout session!⠀
2️⃣Incorporate a low pH, salicyclic acid and centella fortified cleanser, like our ⁣AC Calming Solution Body Cleanser (coming soon), to clear, soothe and hydrate your skin⠀
3️⃣Pick up the One Step Original Clear Pad to gently exfoliate and balance the skin. Don't forget to use on your elbows, knees and underarms for brightening care! ⠀
4️⃣Don't pick! Put a patch on it!⠀

Most of all, don't stress!😇Acne is normal! And you're wonderful as is! ❤⠀

Article source : Instagram - COSRX

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