Yamada Bee Farm Toothpaste 山田养蜂场美白缓解牙周炎牙膏(低泡)

  • $22.99

Yamada Bee Company's Toothpaste was born out of scientific research on propolis. We've combined carefully selected Brazilian propolis that exhibits strong antibacterial effects against tooth cavities and periodontal disease with natural herb extracts (rosemary extract and eucalyptus oil). While removing plaque and maintaining cleanliness of the mouth, the paste also preserves tooth whiteness and prevents cavities.

Foaming toothpastes make drinks like black tea taste funny after you brush, but, because Yamada Bee Farm Toothpaste does not use any foaming agents, tastes aren't altered at all after brushing.

We use safety-checked raw ingredients from all-natural sources, and absolutely no preservatives, saccharin (artificial sweetener), synthetic flavors, stabilizers, or coloring agents.

■Directions of use / Dosage Squeeze the proper amount (about one centimeter) of toothpaste onto toothbrush, then gently brush teeth and gums. Rinse out mouth after brushing.

■Precautions Always replace the cap after using. Should a rash or other abnormality develop, stop use and consult with a medical professional. Please do not swallow this product. Keep out of direct sunlight and warm, humid places.

■Ingredients Abrasive  calcium carbonate/humectant, concentrated glycerin sorbitol/Sweetener、xylitol/ flavoring agent Propolis extract、l-Menthol、fragrance(Speamint oil)/viscosity modifier xanthan gum/