VICREA Mixim Suppli Placenta Hair &Body Oil Capsule 膠原蛋白胎盘素修复发油 身体油

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mixim Suppli was formulated with a nutritionist, dermatologist and hair stylist to combine science from these 3 fields to improve your hair & body health incorporating expertise from these fields. A 6 in 1 comprehensive hair and body oil that can be used many ways!

10 types of amino acids to help repair skin and hair. Skin and hair are made up of mostly proteins, which are comprised of amino acids, hence an essential ingredient
Made with placenta extract, Argan oil, squalane, keratin, ylang ylang flower oil and more to hydrate dry hair and skin
Free from synthetic dyes, sulfate, paraben and silicon
Fragrance of ylang ylang drop
6 in 1 Hair and Body Oil Uses:

Scalp Care: Apply directly onto scalp before Shampooing, like a massage oil
Hair Damage Care: Works as a damage repair treatment
Hair Styling: Achieve a stylish, wet hair look
Body Care: Prevent dry skin by applying to any exterior skin on the body
Hand Care: Moisturize hands and nails
UV Care: Protect skin and hair from harmful UV rays

推出以“修復補品美容”概念開發的“ mixim suppli”!它於2020年9月9日(星期三)開始銷售。這個“ Mixim Supplement”是與醫學,美學和營養專業人士合作創建的“ supplement x Organic”護髮品牌,共有五種類型的洗髮露,護髮素,護髮素,髮油,護髮和身體油膠囊。

除了具有與常規系列“ mixim POTION”和“ mixim Perfume”相同的損傷修復功能外,專門從事“預防”的新配方還可以實現保濕效果和優雅感。

Mixim Suppli膠原蛋白胎盘素修复油 六合一身体 头发可用