UYEKI AROMA Dust Mite Repellent & Allergen Sterilization Spray No Scent 无香除螨喷雾

An unscented dust mite repellant and an antibacterial spray.Not an insecticide, but a natural product using non-toxic ingredients to eliminate dust mites, odor, and house dust.

- Dust mite repellant and clinically tested for efficacy to prevent and soothe skin allergies.
- Can be used on the bed cover, sheet, blanket, and clothing, etc.
- Eliminate odor
- Each wash's dust mite repellant effect lasts about a month.

Product details
Brand: UYEKI
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Cover, sheet, blankets, clothing
Type: Anti-mites Spray
Volume: 250ml 
Package: 1x UYEKI Anti-mites Spray 250ml 

How to use
Spray from 30cm away, wait for a half-hour to air dry.