Torriden - Dive-In Low molecule Hyaluronic acid Mask Pack 低分子透明质酸深层保湿面膜 27ml

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Detailed introduction
1. SPA-level deep moisturizing, the core ultimate ultra-moisturizing ingredient, 5D compound hyaluronic acid, low molecular hyaluronic acid instantly penetrates into the deepest layer of the skin, injecting a source of water power into the skin, replenishing water in 3 seconds, and rescuing dehydrated skin.
2. It is composed of five types of high, medium and low molecular moisturizing hyaluronic acids. Different hyaluronic acids can penetrate into different skin areas of the skin, providing all-round five-layer moisturizing, achieving layer-by-layer hydration, moisture locking, and long-lasting moisturizing and moisturizing effects. , skin is instantly hydrated and elastic
3. Natural fiber environmentally friendly micron film paper, soft and skin-friendly, close to the skin, helping the skin to absorb quickly
4. Rich in provitamin B5, which effectively soothes and purifies skin.
5. Passed the German Derma Test certification and obtained the EXCELLENT grade. It contains micro-molecular hyaluronic acid, deeply moisturizing and regulating the oil and water balance of the skin.
6. Slightly acidic pH 5.5, with natural malachite extract added, so the essence appears blue.
7. One mask contains 27ml of moisturizing essence, which is equivalent to half a bottle of essence.
8. Passed the hypoallergenic test and does not contain fragrances and irritating substances.

South Korea

1. If you have any abnormal symptoms or side effects after use, such as erythema, swelling or itching, please seek expert advice.
2. Do not use on injured areas.
3. Storage and handling precautions
A) Keep out of reach of children
B) Keep away from direct sunlight

Different skin types and skin conditions may have different reactions to the product. Please check the product ingredients listed on the product and avoid elements that may cause allergic reactions. Unless it is related to product quality, we cannot be responsible or compensate for individual dissatisfaction or allergies.

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