Sowa Sowa Shampoo/Treatment Refine Smooth Cleanse 三蛋丸海泥花香洗护 (清爽控油)

  • $22.90
Sowa Sowa Shampoo Refine Smooth Cleanse perfect for oily/dry hair type to maintain clean scalp condition. A all in one care for scalp itching, dandruff problems, and hair style that seems light in volume. With active ingredients of lemon, green tea, magnolia, cedar, freesia, you can enjoy spa-level hair care at home, which will repair and make your hair moisturized and smooth. 

Sowa Sowa Treatment Refine Smooth Cleanse-Clear Floral keeps your hair and scalp healthy with 4 kinds of moisturizing ingredients from the sea. Hair damaged by color and perm is gently treated with plant-derived repair ingredients, leading to glossy hair that feels good to the touch. A clear floral fragrance that is soft and transparent.