Sowa Sowa Shampoo/Treatment Pure Damage Care 三蛋丸马卡龙水果味洗护 (滋养顺滑)

Sowa Sowa Shampoo is salon-quality care of damaged care shampoo. It leads to finger styles that are easy to stylish, good hair, and clear skin. Furthermore, fragrance such as hair fragrance lasts all day. More than 20 kinds of plant-derived ingredients are blended. The shampoo is silicone, paraben, alcohol, mineral oil, legal pigment free.

Sowa Sowa Treatment Pure Damage Care smoothes the roughness of the hair, improve dryness and make hair easier to control the you like it. It has the ability to solve problems such as knotting, and maintain a perfect hair condition. Effectively prevents high temperature and humidity from damaging the hair style.