Slimwalk Pelvis Guard Shorts Beige 骨盆矫正提臀塑型裤 (肤色)

  • $27.90
SLIM WALK Hip Adjustment Shorts is a Japanese tight brand focus on slimming and shaping waist and hip. This Hip Adjustment Short is made with fine and breathable material that is flexible on the skin. It can be worn at any time of the day, under the dress, skirt, and even pants.
Shape and firm the thighs and rear for an overall flattening look that invigorates mind and body.

How to use:
Pull gently and wear it at any time of the day. Adjust according to the lines on shorts for best results

M - 97-95cm (Hip)
L  - 92-100cm (Hip)
Origin from Japan

Contents: 1 pair per box