Shinya Koso Yoru Osoi Late Night Meal Diet 新谷夜迟酵素经典款

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Shinya Koso Late Night Meal Diet Enzyme (Gohan Demo) Standard Plus 30d –  Osakakuma

(蓝色版-一包可消耗300大卡)晚上不管多晚吃饭,有了它就不担心了,对食生活不规律、总是在外面吃饭、总是很晚吃饭的你最合适。 三大功效----抑制糖份吸收;燃烧过剩能量;调整易瘦体质。鲜活酵素冻干技术,适合那些饮食不规律的人群补充的酵素。添加了罗望子成分,能够维持每天的健康 。

Yoru Osoi Late Night Meal Diet made with 150% more enzyme and gluten free. Contains eight types of new ingredients including: koji mold culture subshell extract -GF, yeast peptide, virgin coconut oil, Gymnema sylvestre, black pepper extract, chitin chitosan, chromium yeast, indigestible dextrin. Suitable for individuals who have to eat at night, eat at irregular times, need to diet but want to eat and drink at night.
How to use
1) Take 1-3 bags (5-15 grains) with water a day.
Health-promoting; Digestion-aiding; Dieting