Dariya Salon de Pro The Cream 快速遮白泡沫染发膏

  • $15.99
Dariya Salon de Pro The Cream
  • Contains: - 1 Bottle with cap ( agent 1 mixed with agent 2)
  • comb/brush
  • gloves
Product features: 
This hair dye, made of odor-removed ingredients only, will not irritate your eyes or nose, and is comfortable for anyone in the vicinity. No unpleasant smell will remain in the room. *When the dye reacts with the scalp or skin, there may be a small release of odor due to the reaction.
Quick effect  leave on for 15 minutes.
Contains 6 natural ingredients:
A combination of 6 treatment ingredients gives beautifully dyed hair, smooth finger combing, and natural gloss and moisture.
New type one push bottle:
From the new-type one-push bottle, two agents (Agents 1 & 2) are dispensed at the same time. Any remaining agents are stored ready for the next use. Especially convenient for regular top-up dyeing of the hairline, roots, etc.

5 colors available 

*Read instructions carefully before use
*Never use the product if you have developed a rash or reaction from using any hair color products
*Always check for allergy reaction by patch testing prior using.

Dariya塔丽雅salon de pro无味植物遮白发染发膏 

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Fast delivery

thank you for carrying Salon De Pro. Not many stores do and a hair color I have come to rely on over the years.