Rosy Rosa Natural Sea Sponge S 2pcs 小号天然洁面海绵2入

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●洗脸: 将天然海绵浸入水中使其软化,然后涂上洗面奶,充分揉搓,然后轻轻洗脸。
●粉底液(液体,乳霜和水): 在使用之前,将天然海绵浸入水中并轻轻挤压。


For facial cleansing:
Dip a natural sponge in water to soften it, then apply facial cleanser, rub it thoroughly, and then gently wash your face.

For applying foundation (liquid or cream):
Before use, immerse the natural sponge in water and gently squeeze it. Then use it to apply foundation.

-When it gets dirty, gently press it with warm water with a neutral detergent, rinse it thoroughly, and then let it air dry.
-If the surface of the sponge is torn or the texture becomes rough and the skin feels uncomfortable, please replace it with a new sponge.