Rosy Rosa Dense Velvet Touch Brush 超细纤维丝绒粉底刷

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The ultrafine processed fiber tip, dense foundation brush was plenty of use.
Drop-type flat surface of the ultra-fine hair brush is fit to the skin, evenly uniformly cover!

Usage and dose
【how to use】
(Liquid Cream Foundation)
● forehead with your fingers, nose, from put the foundation, such as the cheek, please spread the foundation using the flat surface of the brush.
● then, and finish with face powder and the like.
(Powder Foundation)
● take an appropriate amount of foundation to the brush.
● pay an extra foundation in the back of the hand and tissue paper.
● Please put the gently foundation toward the outside from the center of the face.
● especially want to place and a fine part of the firm cover so as to put the pom-poms at the tip of the brush, please repeatedly gently foundation.
● without wash the brush with a liquid, cream foundation, the use of powder foundation, because it may not be used solidify the surface of the foundation, please do not use.
(How to Care)
● After use, please wipe off gently dirt with tissue paper or the like.

Notes on use
● Use of other than the intended use of this product, please stop.
Notes on the storage and handling
Please do not ● Storage in place of the location and humid exposed to direct sunlight.
● Please keep out of the reach of children.

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