Rosette Cleansing Paste 露姬婷海泥清洁洁面

  • $6.99
Rosette Cleansing Paste  contains five types of clay powder designed to target the challenges of mature skin. Clay powder ingredients absorb and trap dead skin cells, excess skin oil, and other impurities from pores for clear and luminous skin. This contains moisturizing formula and anti-inflammatory, perfect for clearing up adult acne.
How to use
1) Apply cherry size amount on the palm, lather well, and cleanse the face.
2) Rinse thoroughly.
Recommended use for day and night

绿色 - 海泥深层清洁毛孔款
蓝色 - 镇定消炎祛痘款
粉色 - 提拉保湿款
黄色 - 提亮护肤款
白色 水油平衡