Stella Seed Plump Pink Melty Lip Rouge 丰唇淡唇纹精华唇釉

  • $17.49
可以消唇纹,含有丰富让嘴唇丰盈的美容液成分的plump lip唇蜜。被嘴唇的温度融化后可以贴紧嘴唇。添加了可以一边化妆一边保护嘴唇的保湿美容液成分和高浓度的骨胶原。仅此一根就可以能实现唇妆底妆、遮盖唇纹、血色感UP、保湿美容液、增加嘴唇丰盈度、唇蜜这6个用途。自然的显色度具有透明感,膏状质地也不会拉丝,同时提升自然的光泽感。配合您手中自己的唇膏,还可以自己组合叠色享受新的变化。

【Product Introduction】
A plump lip lip gloss that can reduce lip lines and is rich in beauty essence that make lips plump. After being melted by the temperature of the lips, it adhere closely to the lips. It contains moisturizing beauty ingredients that protect lips while also infusing high-concentration collagen. Only this one can achieve the 6 purposes of lip makeup: base makeup, covering lip lines, improving lip color, moisturizing beauty lotion, increasing lip plumpness, and lip gloss. You can also combine and stack colors to enjoy new changes.