Pillbox Block Block Triple3 120 Capsules 碳水&糖&油 三重阻断酵素


Pillbox Block Block triple is a weight loss blocking product marketed by PILLBOX in Japan in 2002 and has been sold for 4.5 million boxes. It has three main components: carbohydrate block, sugar block and oil content block. For carbohydrate block, it is good to the carbohydrates which are in rice or bread. For the sugar block, Gimnema sylvesta and Sarah Shea block sugar. For the oil content block, chitosan "Quito Lux" that American company developed adsorbs the oil content of deep-fried food and meat dishes, and fatty things like is reliable.
How to use
1) Take 3-5 tablets with lukewarm water.
Health-promoting; Dieting