Orgenoa Neo Moist Organic Oil Treatment 精油滋润护发素

  • $13.99
配合11种氨基酸成分和精心挑选的美容成分而成的护发素。 保持头发和头皮的润泽,从吹风机的热风和角质层脱皮引起的各种负面因素中,保护头皮和头发。滋润头皮,使其变得湿润,易整理。 神秘而优雅的马莲果香味。

Orgenoa Moist Hair Treatment  contains 11 kinds of amino acids and carefully selected beauty ingredients. Keeps the hair and scalp hydrated and protects skin and hair from various kinds damage like heat from blow drying and peeling of the hair cuticle. Moisturizes the scalp and gives you manageable, hydrated hair. Elegant, exotic marine fruit scent.