Ohana Mahaalo Lip Essence Oil 唇部精华油

  • $17.99

OHANA MAHAALO 限定发售的植物精华唇蜜,颜值超高不说,每款香味根本实物还原,满满的水果味。富含9种植物精油成分,同时还有搭配4种保湿美容液成分,在味道香甜的前提下还能有效护唇,让干燥的秋冬季节嘴巴也能时刻保持水润。可以做为唇部打底或是睡前使用防干燥。


【Product Introduction】
OHANA MAHAALO's limited sale of plant essence lip gloss. Each is full of fruit flavor. It is rich in 9 kinds of plant essential oils, and also has 4 kinds of moisturizing beauty lotion ingredients, which can effectively protect lips under the premise of sweet taste, so that the mouth can always be kept moisturized in the dry autumn and winter. Can be used as a lip primer or before going to bed to prevent dryness.