003 Number Three Deuxer Aqua Gloss Wax 1 水感亮泽发蜡1

  • $17.99

Number Three Deuxer 3241 Aqua Gloss Wax 1 creates a glossy wet look with natural texture. Best for all types of hair – from short to long.. DEUXER is one of the most popular waxes in Japan due to its high-end quality, especially in usability and long hour holding power. All DEUXER styling products contain either Macadamia nuts oil or Macadamia nuts butter with treatment effects to the hair. It can create various hair styles without making the hair heavy even though it gives mild moisture rich feeling to the hair. Six hair waxes represented by the numbers from 1 to 6 based on the holding level of each wax. Experience the two most important but somewhat opposite benefits, “smooth spreading” and “long lasting holding” at the same time. Enjoy subtle smell of sweet fresh floral berry.