Nadeshiko Baking Soda Apple Face Foam Wash 100g 石泽研究所限定苹果洗面奶

Clean the dirt of pores and skin dullness
with baking soda foam wash♪
Squeezed carefully handpicked apples which are grown up in Aomori, Japan. Gently wash with thick foam that has a fresh apple scent with sweetness and sourness. The dullness and the pores get bright, moisturizing, and smooth♪

Recommended for people concerned about enlarged pores and dullness.
The cause of the dull skin is dead skin cells. The softening power of baking soda against dead skin cells washes off the dullness clearly, and the skin gets bright and smooth! Bright and Smooth after Wash♪
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肌肤暗沉的原因是老化角质的堆积。小苏打的软化角质力量可以改善暗沉,苹果力量让肌肤变亮泽! 洁面后肌肤变透亮素颜美人