Miseen Scene Choco Brown Foam Color 爱茉莉泡沫染发剂6N 自然棕

Achieve gorgeous vivid colored hair with BLACKPINK!
Hair dye pouch 30ml, bubble foam color bottle, secret magic ampoule 5ml, hair treatment, instruction manual, and plastic gloves.


  • Mix Solution 1 and Solution 2 Secret Magic Ampoule into Bubble Foam Color Bottle
  • Shake sideways 20 times
  • Apply evenly to hair 
  • Wait 20-30 minutes 
  • Rinse hair and use provided hair treatment.

Ammonia-Free & Coconut Scent.
*Read instructions carefully before use
*Never use the product if you have developed a rash or reaction from using any hair color products
*Always check for allergy reaction by patch testing prior to use.

爱茉莉泡沫染发剂6N 自然棕