Miche Bloomin' False Eyelashes 纱荣子假睫毛

  • $14.99
Miche Bloomin falsies remain comfortable all day—you'll forget you're wearing them. For beginners and extensions experts alike.
  • Miche Bloomin' eyelashes, the must-have item for natural make-up look.
  • Delicate design of high quality lash strips, giving you the look as if they were your real lashes.
  • The natural makeup look that almost no one can tell you are actually wearing false lashes.
  • Easy to try on for people who are beginners or even extension lovers.
  • Miche Bloomin' roots for girls who wishes to dress themselves cute.
  • The thinness which is not bulky even in the bag and the palm size of the girl realized.
  • Anyway prejudice pretty.
  • Pure eyelashes melt into the eyes.
  • It is natural make-up to self eyelash, a soft fluffy eyelashes like a feather, a makeup rush that shines yourself as it is.
  • Girly line finished in soft eye like cute eyelashes line.
  • Cute and striking eyes with a sense of bundle of eyes.
How To Use:
  1. Hold the root from the end of the lashes to remove them from the container.
  2. Using both hands, bend the eyelashes around to make them more flexible for smoother application.
  3. Trim the eyelashes to fit your eye line.
  4. Apply adhesive to the roots of your Miche Bloomin' eyelashes.
  5. Stick your new lashes as close to the top of your original lashes' roots as possible.
  6. Press eyelashes down in this order: centre, inner eye, then outer eye.


  • Miche Bloomin' 睫毛,打造自然妆容的必备单品。
  • 精致的高品质睫毛条设计,让您看起来就像是真正的睫毛。
  • 几乎没有人能看出你真的戴假睫毛的自然妆容。
  • 初学者甚至扩展爱好者都可以轻松尝试。
  • Miche Bloomin 是为希望打扮得可爱的女孩而设。
  • 实现了即使放在包里也不显得臃肿的纤薄和少女的手掌大小。
  • 纯洁的睫毛融入眼眸。
  • 自己的睫毛是自然的妆容,像羽毛一样柔软蓬松的睫毛,让自己闪耀的妆容。
  • 少女线在柔软的眼睛中完成,就像可爱的睫毛线。
  • 一双眼睛可爱又醒目,有一种双眼皮的感觉。
  1. 握住睫毛末端的根部,将其从容器中取出。
  2. 用双手弯曲睫毛,使其更灵活,以便更顺畅地涂抹。
  3. 修剪睫毛以适合您的眼线。
  4. 在 Miche Bloomin' 睫毛根部涂抹粘合剂。
  5. 将新睫毛尽可能贴近原睫毛根部的顶部。
  6. 按以下顺序按下睫毛:中心,内眼,然后外眼。

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