Megami No Wakka x Mercury Duo Shampoo/Treatment 女神光环植物氨基酸洗护 (滋润款)

  • $21.99
淡黄色-适合烫染受损发质,滋润+修护。 无硅油植物系氨基酸配方。温和低刺激的氨基酸清洁成分,能产生更加微小细腻的泡沫,轻柔渗透每一根发丝。不伤害皮脂膜,有效清洁头皮有害糖化物和油脂。日本深层海水可平衡油脂,改善头皮屑头痒问题。陈年土壤的微量元素,可修复毛囊,减少脱发掉发。积雪草提取物,有效抗菌抗氧化,保湿抗静电,解决毛躁问题。

Megami no Wakka mercury Duo Shampoo/Treatment cleans the hair and provides the head a spa treatment. Combined with "Shirodhara Blend Oil" blended in Shrilanka, it also focuses on minerals and amino acids of nature in order to nourish hair and improve damaged hair. With deep seawater from "Shiretoko" as a base, this nonsilicone shampoo/treatment is combined with 15 minerals, 18 amino acids, 4 vitamins, and fulvic acid that have plenty of enzymes.