Kobayashi Medical Sakamu Care Liquid Plaster 小林制药液体创口贴

  • $13.99
Medical Sakamu Care Liquid Plaster solidifes as a thin coating for crack and broken areas so it will not stain even if it gets wet with water. Great success in cooking / water work scenes! 
It also protects the affected part gently even from chemical stimuli such as detergent and shampoo.
How to use
1) Clean the affected part, apply a suitable amount with brush to the wound.
2) Let it dry gently as it is.
3) After drying it will let you move as usual because it's waterproof.
4) When you want to peel off quickly, apply Sakam Care again over the solidified medicine so the hardened medicine becomes soft again.
What to Pay Attention for
Liquid bandage is tested to be low-allergenic, it will not cause skin irritations, safe and reliable to use; is very breathable so it will not interfere with skin ventilation and heat dissipation. However, in the event of skin irritation, discomfort or injure site got worsen, please consult medical help and stop use immediately.