These adhesive bandages are made with polyurethane fabric - synthetic fibers that flex like rubber and move naturally with your skin.

  • Sticks firmly to fingers and flexural areas.
  • The high-density, non-woven, breathable urethane fabric and the unique mixture of adhesives work together to discharge sweat that otherwise lingers on the skin and may cause skin maceration (soft, pruned skin that can appear after wearing a bandage).
  • Non-irritating, gentle on the skin.

Careleaves are only half as thick as traditional fabrics. These thin fibers create a comfortable, stretchy bandage that extends in all directions and fits every part of the body.

Durable, individually-packaged bandages - easy to carry one or a few at a time. Inconspicuous, matte nude color Sterile

Product Use

Place the pad part to the wound surface, please put without stretched the tape part.


● to clean the affected area, please use as pressure-sensitive adhesive surface is not exposed to scratch Yamaguchi.  ● When dirty wet pad portion, please instead put on the new ones.  ● rash redness by the use of this product, if the itching is caused to discontinue use, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.  ● When you peel off, please slowly peel along the flow of the hair so as not to damage the skin.  ● Avoid direct sunlight, cool as much as possible with low humidity, please keep out of the reach of children.  ● Do not re-use.