Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Eye Patch 60ea

JM Solution Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Eye Patch 60pcs (Parallel Import)

Imbued with refreshing marine energy extracts, these eye patches let the nutrients of the deep sea nourish your skin and revitalize your eyes with the sea’s refreshing waves for a hydrated, glowing look and smoothed wrinkles.

Product Benefit:
· Uses seawater derived from Gangwon-do, with the powerful vitality of 5 types of seaweed extracts and other natural nutrients and minerals, to fully nourish and soothe fragile skin, while pearl extract brightens and improves skin texture
· Contains moisturizing hyaluronic acid
· The patch’s wide curved shape is tailored to the curves of the eye area, with strong adhesiveness that ensures intensive topical care for fragile eye-area skin and deep absorption of the essence
· Soft, cool hydrogel texture that refreshes the skin instantly and melts when in contact with skin temperature, to ensure full absorption of the patch’s formula
· Suitable for those bothered by tired skin and wrinkles, and those desiring refreshing and revitalizing nourishment, especially those with mature skin needing intensive care

How To Use:
After cleansing, adjust your skin texture using toner. Take an eye patch out using tweezers and place onto desired areas. Remove after 10-20 minutes, and lightly tap to absorb the remaining essence.

1. This is parallel-imported goods.
2. A brand may adjust its product formula/ packaging/ odor/ texture/ etc. for the best performance among different region or countries. Therefore, parallel-imported goods may have differences in packaging/ language/ texture/ odor from local stores or from batch to batch. And our products remains genuine.
3. Product packaging or origin of manufactured versions are shipped randomly. No version exchange or refund will be given.
4. Products have no expiry dates or date of manufactured is a normal practice to foreign brand / Japanese brand items. Think before your purchase.
5. Keep away from children reach.
6. Please wash with running water at once if content gets into eyes. Go and seek for doctors’ advice if irritation or unwell situation remains.
7. Stop using the product and seek for professional advice from doctors if any irritation or allergic symptom occurs.
8. Product photos for reference only. Please refer to actual product.
9. For details, please refer to the product.
10. Addition bubble wrapping or outer box will be added for protection purpose. Still, slight chance of damage / incompletion of product packaging may result during delivery. This will not affect the product content quality.
11. Products are new. No second-hand products are sold.
12. Base on different batches of products, the product origin may be different. Please refer to the actual product.
13. Some products may contains date of manufactured and/or storage life only. Please refer to the product’s original packaging for indication.
14. NO return or refund accepted due to hygiene concerns.
15. Some products may find substances or crystalized of its ingredients which is normal and not a defect or expired. This does not affect the quality of the product. User may shake or stir well before use.
16. For any disputes, our store reserves the final decision.
17. Skincare & personal care products' formula may result differently on every user's skin. Please evaluate your skin condition before any purchase. You are suggested to have allergy test for example on your elbow skin without any wounds other than face area before applying the product on your skin.

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