Mapepe Mix Brush (Shiny) 按摩头皮猪鬃毛顺发椭圆梳子(大号)

  • $15.49
For shiny, calm hair.
  • The hair is tied up with firm boar.
  • Nylon hair stimulates the scalp moderately.
  • For gloss and sleeping.
  • Gives hair natural luster and cohesion with natural boar.
  • Because it is natural hair with firmness, it is also ideal for correcting bed sleeping.
  • Blow with moderate tension.
  • With a mixture of boar and nylon hair, the hair is moderately tensioned and ideal for blowing straight hair.
  • In a calm and cohesive style.
  • Pin head that reaches the scalp well.
  • A good round pin head per skin reaches the scalp firmly and brushes.
  • Painless and comfortable to use.

Mapepe 按摩头皮椭圆梳子(大号)