Mandom Bifesta Facial Wash 曼丹洁面(新款)

  • $9.99
Mandom Bifesta Facial Wash Clear is a facial wash that brightens up your skin. It makes your skin one tone lighter and sliky-smooth. This is good for troubled skin with pore and dead skin cells.
How to use
1) Apply cherry size amount on the palm, lather well and cleanse the face with the foam.
2) Rinse thoroughly.
Recommended use for day and night if you have oily/dry skin.

MANDOM 曼丹高效保湿亮肤洗面奶 保湿型 -适合干燥肌肤
MANDOM 曼丹高效保湿亮肤洗面奶 美白型 -适合暗沉/油性肌肤

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