Lucky Trendy Hair Curler 50mm Purple 新型便利卷发器 50mmx2

  • $5.79
【商品說明】 這個系列的髮捲上 都有加鋁,更容易受熱💖
在洗完頭髮,吹到半乾的時候使用 然後再吹乾,睡前再拆掉,基本上兩天都還有捲捲的🥰

[Size] Diameter 50mm/length 10.5cm
[Material] polyethylene, aluminum, polyester
[Description] The hair curls of this series are all aluminum, which is more susceptible to heat 💖
After washing the hair, use it when it is half dry, then blow dry, and then remove it before going to bed🥰