Liberta Magic Shine Anti-Fog Spray 浴室镜防雾喷雾

  • $18.99

Magic Shine Anti-fog Spray for bath mirror to avoid fog after bath or shower.
The effect lasts 3 months.

How to use
1, remove the dirt that has adhered in advance.
Thoroughly remove the dirt adhering to the glass and mirror with a glass cleaner, wash it off, and then dry it completely.
* The effect of this product may not be fully obtained if scaly stains remain before application.
* If there are minor scratches on the mirror surface such as polishing marks, the effect may be reduced.
2. Spray towards the mirror.
Shake the bottle of the main unit well and spray until the coating sponge is sufficiently moist (about 8 pushes).
Next, spray it at a ratio of 12 pushes on a 40 cm square toward the mirror.
3. Spread evenly over the entire mirror.
Before the liquid dries, use a coating sponge and spread it horizontally about 2 times. After that, spray the coating sponge and the mirror again (work of 2), and this time spread it about 2 reciprocations in the vertical direction. Repeat a few more steps and try again.
* Be sure to perform the work of spraying and spreading twice. Also, be careful not to leave out any part.
4. Let it dry completely.
Work is complete if you dry it well. Be sure to dry for at least 1 day (24 hours or more) to fix the "anti-fog agent". Even if there is an uneven coating, it gradually becomes less noticeable as it dries.
When hot water or water is applied to the mirror with a shower etc. at the start of bathing, it becomes a flat water film by blending with the hydrophilic film and prevents fogging during bathing. If it becomes cloudy in some places, lightly rub that part and then pour hot water or water again.
* If the effect is weak, repeat the procedure from the beginning.
* Daily cleaning is completed simply by applying hot or cold water at the end of the bath.
* If shampoo or soap adheres to the already constructed area, it may become white and blurred. In that case, lightly stroke with your hand or the soft surface of the sponge to remove the deposits and restore the hydrophilic film.

只需将其应用到镜子上,效果即可持续约3个月!“Magic Shine浴室镜防雾喷雾剂”是一种用于浴室镜的防雾涂料,仅涂上镜子即可在3个月内不使镜子起雾。另外,通过镀膜镜面很难变脏,并且可以保持镜面光泽。

镜面的雾化是由于水蒸气粘附在干镜的表面而引起的。“ Magic Shine Bath Mirror防雾喷雾”形成易于与镜面上的水混合的薄膜(亲水性薄膜)。通过在洗澡时用淋浴等将热水或水倒在镜子上,成为与亲水性膜混合的平坦的水膜,并且还使用会引起浑浊的水蒸气以防止洗澡时浑浊。