Layered Fragrance Body Spray Aria Citrus 咏叹调柑橘试管香水

LAYERED FRAGRANCE is a Japanese fragrance brand with all of the lineup made in Japan. Luxury quality but casual price.

Various scent ranges.
Ideal for carrying.
Recommended for those who want to enjoy various scents.
10ml size that fits in a small bag or clothes pocket for easy carrying. Re-scent the scent on the go, change the scent according to the scene, you can enjoy the scent freely anytime and anywhere. For example, when you are worried about the smell after a meal, just before a date, you can easily use the 10ml compact size that you can easily use at the timing of re-make-up and toilet.
A perfume that can be used for multi-use as a body and room spray, based on the idea that space is considered one of the layers, creating not only the body but also the scent of the space. It can also be used as a car fragrance.

Aria Citrus: Sugary sugary impression in the freshness. The fragrance is completed by adding high-quality sweetness while maintaining the lemon peel sense.