Layered Fragrance Diffuser 100ml Champagne 香槟液体香薰

  • $34.99

- Simple Design of Layered Fragrance: it layers nicely with mixed fragrance.
-Perfect for gifts of any occasions
-Diffuse into different notes to gain a wide new experience of fragrance with just one diffuser.

Best Quality from Japan: All Layered Fragrance レイヤードフレグランス products are made in Japan with high standard production and great Japanese quality. You can layer more than one fragrance so you can mix different fragrance to impress people! Affordable price with luxury quality.

Champagne- An addictive but subtle fragrance. This new fragrance allows you to layer as much as you want to enjoy its scent. It perfectly captures a sweetness with ripe white grapes and bubbly, juicy, fruity notes in this fragrance.