KUSCHEL J Fragrance Hand Cream Shein Lebe Pink 润泽护手霜 (彩蝶齐飞)

  • $11.90

用芳香和保湿包裹双手的护手霜。 富含润肤成分和10种植物提取物(保湿成分)的乳霜,可牢固滋润容易干燥的手,指尖和指甲。 关于香水 Shein是“光辉”,而Lebe是“爱”。 迷人而柔滑的琥珀香气与鸢尾花和白色雪松的甜美细腻香气相结合,营造出一种豪华而浓郁的香气,包裹着您像丝一样的丝绸。 您所爱的人一定会因其优美而诱人的香味而着迷。

The hand cream for covering hands with a veil of scent and moisture This rich cream consisting of emollient ingredients and 10 kinds of plant extracts (moisturizing ingredients) surely moisturizes hands, fingers, and nails, which are easy to dry.

About fragrance
Sheinl means 「Shine」, Lebe means 「Love」.
The glamorous and smooth fragrance of amber blended with the sweet and delicate scent of iris and white cedar veils you like quality silk. Its elegant and seductive fragrance would impassion your love as well.