KUSCHEL J Fragrance Hand Cream Sheel Glanz Blue 润泽护手霜 (洁白贝壳)


关于香味:Sheel是“贝壳”,Glanz是“光”。 洁白的茉莉花,像白浪一样绽放。 柔和的气味包裹在叶绿色和果味苹果的新鲜气味中,透明的水生花卉气味是浪漫的早晨气味,在聆听海浪的柔和声音时会醒来。


The hand cream for covering hands with a veil of scent and moisture This rich cream consisting of emollient ingredients and 10 kinds of plant extracts (moisturizing ingredients) surely moisturizes hands, fingers, and nails, which are easy to dry.

About fragrance

Sheel means 「Shell」, Glanz means 「Brilliant 」.
Pure white jasmine flowering like white waves and its rich fragrance enwrapped by the fresh scent of leaf green and fruity apple is clear, aquatic floral fragrance of the romantic morning you wake up to in the sounds of gentle waves.