KOKUBO Skimming Paper 小久保工业食品用吸油纸20cm12枚

  • $2.99

  • Absorbs oil and grime quickly and firmly.


  • Once absorbed, oil and acid will not be returned to the broth.


  • There is a slit in the center of the seat to prevent it from rising.


  • It can also be used as a drop lid.


  • If the pan is smaller than the sheet diameter (about 20 cm), cut it with scissors to fit the size of the pan.


  • For dishes that often contain oil or acne, it is more effective to replace with a new sheet on the way.

    How to use:


  • After adding water or soup stock to the ingredients, place the sheet on it before heating.


  • If the pot is smaller than the diameter of the sheet, cut it with scissors according to the size of the pot.


  • Heat with the sheet on.


  • For dishes that often produce oil and lye, it is more effective to replace them with new sheets on the way.


  • When the oil and lye are removed, use chopsticks to remove the sheet.


  • When removing the sheet, be careful not to get burned by touching the pot or broth.


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