Koji Eye Talk Double Eyelid Maker 蔻吉双眼皮胶水经典款

  • $10.99


Koji Clear Eye Talk Double Eyelid Maker is a double eyelid maker that is made in a clear liquid glue type. 

It creates a long lasting double eyelid effect.

To reduce your eyelids' burden and keep your skin moist, this double eyelid maker contains plant type Collagen. 

Fragrance free, Color free, Latex free.

How to Use
1) If necessary, trim the outer end with scissors.
2) Apply a thin line of lash adhesive along the band. Hold for 30 seconds until adhesive becomes tacky.
3) Place band against eyelid as close to lash roots as possible.
4) Gently press corners and along the band to secure.
5) To remove, gently peel band off lid, starting from the outer corner.