KOBAYASHI Toilet Deodorizing Spray Fresh Green flavour

Just spray it on the toilet and it instantly eliminates unpleasant odors after defecation, leaving a refreshing scent in the air.
●It is portable.
[Product name]

for toilet

Amphoteric surfactant deodorant, ethanol, fragrance

【how to use】
When spraying directly into the toilet bowl, raise the toilet seat and use it approximately 30cm away.
*Be careful not to get it directly on the toilet seat.
If there is an unpleasant odor, spray it into the space.
*It can be used about 15 times with one spray for about 2 seconds.
*When throwing away the gas, press the button to release the gas until the jetting sound disappears outdoors, away from open flames, and then throw it away.
[Precautions for use]
・Do not place it inside a car, in direct sunlight, or near heating devices (fan heaters, etc.).
・Do not store cans near water or in humid places as they may rust, develop holes, and burst.
・Do not use on the human body.
・If it gets into your eyes, immediately rinse it with running water for at least 15 minutes. If it gets on your hands, wash it thoroughly. In either case, if any abnormalities remain, consult a doctor. Bring the product with you when visiting the doctor.
・Keep out of reach of children.
- Do not spray directly onto white or light-colored textiles or leather products, plain wood or paulownia wood, painted areas such as water-based wax, paint, or varnish, or acrylic or styrofoam plastics.
・Do not spray directly onto electrical equipment such as heated toilet seats. (There is a risk of ignition or explosion)
・Do not use for any other purpose.
- Do not use it sideways or upside down.
*No open flames...NET 23mL Alcohol 4mL Danger class 2 Water soluble

[Be careful of fire and high temperatures]
-This is a flammable product that uses high-pressure gas and is dangerous, so please take the following precautions.
(1) Do not use near flames or fire.
(2) Do not use in large quantities indoors where open flames are used.
(3) Do not place the product in direct sunlight or near a stove or fan heater where the temperature will exceed 40 degrees, as there is a risk of explosion if the product is exposed to high temperatures.
(4) Do not put it into fire.
(5) To use up and throw away.
High pressure gas: LP gas

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