KOBAYASHI Mouth Tape 小林制药安睡鼻呼吸贴

  • $11.99

1. 消除口腔和喉咙干燥以及打鼾等问题,提高睡眠质量。
2. 通过物理原理将呼吸方式调整为鼻呼吸。
3. 温和粘着剂,揭下不伤皮肤。
4. 日本进口品质,天然健康。

1. 揭下透明薄膜
2. 闭上嘴巴,将本品贴在嘴唇中央
3. 请务必实现确认是否可以用鼻子呼吸
4. 睡觉时可以一直贴着本品。

【Specifications】15 pieces

【Product Introduction】
Snoring at night greatly affects the quality of sleep and is miserable. With this breathing patch, you can prevent snoring, dry mouth and other problems by sticking it on your lip, and help sleep. It can be used by both men and women.
1. Eliminate problems such as dry mouth and throat, snoring, and improve sleep quality.
2. Adjust the breathing method to nasal breathing through physical principles.
3. Gentle adhesive, will not hurt the skin when peeled off.
4. Quality imported from Japan, natural and healthy.

1. Remove the transparent film
2. Close your mouth and stick this product to the center of your lips
3. Be sure to confirm whether you can breathe through the nose
4. You can use this product when you sleep.