Kobayashi Drain Cleaner Citrus 12pcs 小林排水管道清道夫 (柑橘)

  • $5.99
Strongly eliminate and remove the odor-causing dirt and bacteria and perform deodorization.
A strong foam effectively penetrates deep inside the toilet tank or washing machine drum.
Simply drop the cleansing tablet for easy cleaning of drainage pipes in the kitchen, bathroom, or washroom. Apply water flow after 30 minutes of use.

- Deodorizes the eradication and other bacteria that cause odor
- Puddles of the drain hole in a kitchen, toilet, and bath, toilet, etc. 
(suitable for copper, brass, cast iron, aluminum, wood, and rubber things)

Product details
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Kitchen, Bathroom, etc
Type: Drainage cleaner 
Volume: 5.5g x 12 Grain
Package: 1x KOBAYASHI Drainage cleaner (5.5g x 12 Grain)

How to use
-In the puddle of the drain hole in a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, toilet bowl, toss tablets 1 tablet.
-Try pouring the small drainage basins such as pills difficult when dissolved in water.
After 30 minutes, rinse with water. Do not cause damage to sewer**
* Color shading of pill might occur, does not affect quality.