KOBAYASHI Attonon Scar Treatment EX Cream 15g 小林祛疤膏

  • $19.99
KOBAYASHI Attonon Scar Treatment EX Cream is a Japanese medicated cream treatment that reduces the appearance of red-brown scarscaused by minor cuts and scrapes. Attonon cream is formulated with ingredients that improve blood circulation and help restore skin cells making skin go back to its normal metabolism and condition.
How to use
Apply once or several times a day to the affected area until healed.
What to Pay Attention for
1. People with hemorrhagic blood diseases, do not use it on the mucous membranes around the eyes, lips and nose.
2. When using on the face, please test locally and read the instructions carefully.
3. Do not apply on unhealed wounds.
4. Please stop using it if you have eczema.