Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Gel Eyebrow Liner #1 凝胶眉笔 01浅棕色

  • $9.90
KISS ME Heavy Rotation防水旋转凝胶眉笔 01浅棕色
Kiss Me Isehan Heavy Rotation Gel Eyebrow Liner | PlazaJapan

A high-performance pencil that creates full brows in perfect shape Features a fiber-in-powder cushion tip & a flat, soft pencil to build natural thickness Combines nuance pearls & fibers in powder for a 3-D effect Resistant to sweat, sebum & rubbing Enriched with Panthenol to protect brow hairs Long-wearing throughout the day.
How to Use
1) Brush you brow hair up vertically with the spooley end and draw a thin line along the hairline following the lower arch.
2) Brush your brow hair down and define the top of your brow arch in the same way.
3) Fill in any gaps or sparse areas and groom the color through your brows.