Kiribai Sticky Heat Pack Foot Beige 贴袜子暖宝宝

  • $7.99
Sock heat pack 5 pairs
A warmer that applies the heat insulation technology of the socks that won't get cold.
Maximum temperature: 43°C.
Average temperature: 36℃.
Duration 8 hours (Time to hold at 30°C or more) (Measurement assuming use in shoes).
How to use:

Take out the inner bag from the outer bag just before use, remove the release paper, and stick it on the toes from the bottom of the socks.
If your shoes are perfect for your feet and the ventilation is poor, or if the temperature drops, remove the shoes and let them touch the outside air.
Paste from the top of the socks.

* 日本原裝進口,第一大品牌
* 外出或在家中,皆使用方便
* 持續時間:8小時/平均溫:36℃ 最高温度43℃
* 7 x 9cm - 5对