KIRBY Face Mask Pink Lush 1sheet 星之卡比面膜

“Pink Lush” is the concept behind the cute pink-coloured masks. The masks themselves are like the characters from the game. Lovisia previously released eye shadow, lipstick, and a mirror as part of the same series in April which proved popular amongst fans.

There are three designs in total: Kirby, Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight, all of which are Instagram-worthy and great as a treat to yourself or a gift to friends.

The masks are made in Japan, and contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter, all for their moisturising effects. Each has a soap scent, which will leave your skin smelling fresh and looking cute and soft. The perfect accompaniment to enjoy at home right now.

粉色主题,成熟可爱的卡比美妆商品概念为“Pink Lush”。超可爱淡粉色与心型眼睛为特色的系列原创卡比。这次推出的样式为星之卡比的人气角色「卡比」、「瓦豆鲁迪」、「梅塔奈特」,最适放到SNS上分享的超可爱面膜!除了自用也很适合送礼喔♡