Kao Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Color Forest Khaki 花王泡沫染发剂-卡其深林色

  • $12.99
The kit contains: Solution 1 40ml ; Solution 2 (Developer) 60ml ; Hair Treatment 4g ; Gloves 1 pair ; Instruction sheet

How to use Liese Creamy Bubble Color comes in a “Squeeze-n-Foam” bottle. Simply massage the foam onto hair for a rich and even color result. Apply oil-based cream along the hairline, ears, and arms to avoid staining the skin.
*Read instructions carefully before use
*Never use the product if you have developed a rash or reaction from using any hair color products
*Always check for allergy reaction by patch testing prior to using.Get your desired hair color effortlessly with easy foam!

Thick foam fully coats hair  for even color turnout.  Smooth & Moist finishing  Contains Hair protecting ingredient* *Lanolin Acid
Salon Inspired colors  Salon inspired colors which are blended with Grayish or Bluish color to achieve sheer and soft finishing.
color map

日本KAO花王LIESE PRETTIA 20年新款泡沫染发剂#光影咖卡其森林单组入COSME大赏第一位- Beauty Corner 美妍角落