Kao New Beads Luxe Craft Herbal 花王花香柔软洗衣液 (铃兰)

  • $7.99
Japan's best-selling Kao liquid detergent, lasting fragrance from buds blooms, blended with natural softener. Infused with botanical ingredients to clean residues strongly and refreshen clothing. Even can be used for baby and elderly clothing.

Herbal scent:
Top note - lavender,greens,bergamot
Middle note - rose,lily,jasmine
Last note - wood amber

Surfactant [20%, polyoxyethylene alkyl ether, linear alkylbenzene type], stabilizer (propylene glycol) 

6.0kg, 5.0kg, 4.0kg, 2.0kg
[Estimated amount of general type water]
(Amount to wash) 65 L (6.0 kg), 55 L (4.5 kg), 45 L (3.0 kg), 30 L (1.5 kg)
[Estimated amount of use]
(Estimated cap)
1 g = about 1 ml
1 cup (58 g), 0.8 cup (49 g), 0.7 cup (40 g), 0.4 cup (25 g)
Estimated amount of washing is about 70-80% of the size of washing machine.

We recommend rinsing twice.
Can be used for drum type.