Kao Megrhythm Hot Steam Mask Honey Lemon 3 Sheets 蜂蜜柠檬香温热感蒸汽舒适口罩3枚入

KAO Megrhythm Hot Steam Mask Honey is a mask that generates warm steam helping with moisturization. This is perfect for bedtime when colds, cough spray and dryness become problematic. 
How to use
1) Remove the mask from the pouch.
2) Open the mask in the direction of the arrows.
3) Place over your mouth, and loop the strings around your ears.
The temperature and the time it remains warm may vary by ambient temperature. In cold rooms it may be difficult to detect warmth.
In certain environment sthe steam may cause it to swell, but the mask can be used normally.
Approximately 40 celcius, up to 15 minutes.
3 packs
Moisturizing; Warming