JOEARO Smooth Hair oil 乳酸菌轻盈修复发油

  • $21.99
Infused with an amino acid to provides well-balanced hydration to maintain a healthy scalp.
Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate 2K supports hair growth and collagen that provides suppleness to the hair.

 The shampoo is made with a blend of 15 types of amino acid and marine collagen-deprived cleansing components that gently wash away sebum and dirt inside the pores while providing a healthy scalp condition. The treatment is composed of amino acid, keratin, and ceramide to repair damages to dry hair. The organic, rich oils provide moisture and shine to the hair to promote beautiful ends.

Features fruity floral fragrance.

  • 加入了甘草酸2K有效刺激毛发生长、胶原蛋白帮助紧致头皮肌肤。
  • 利用乳酸菌来源成分×氨基酸达到护理头皮&滋养秀发功效的洗发乳&润发乳。
  • 洗发水精心调配了15种氨基酸的洗净成分与海洋系胶原蛋白的洗净成分,在温柔洗净毛孔皮脂与污垢的同时不会夺走秀发的水分,有效稳定头皮环境,洗后效果水润顺滑。天然成分的精油,滋养亮泽每一根发丝,顺滑直至发梢。