Ishizawa Keana Nadeshiko Pore Clear Bath Salt 毛穴抚子小苏打清洁毛孔浴盐

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「毛孔抚子 重曹つるつる風呂」使用小苏打(※1)与AHA(果酸)(※2)调制而成的浴盐。小苏打具有令老化角质变软,浮出皮脂和污垢的功效。AHA(果酸)能温和去除满满堆积的角质。酸乳提取物赋予肌肤滋润的同时,调理出平整光滑的素颜。



“Baking Soda Bath” is the bath salt containing baking soda and AHA (fruit acid) (*2). Baking soda helps to soften dead skin cells and lifts sebum and the dirt.
Moreover, AHA (fruit acid) gently peels off the thickly accumulated dead skin cells. Yogurt extract will moisturize and give a smooth finish to the skin.

The cause of roughness and dryness is dead skin cells

No time to clean up my whole body...Oh well.
Cleansing the whole body with baking soda power Helps to soften dead skin cells, 
and lifts sebum and the dirt of the pores The 3 Smoothing Ingredients Baking Soda AHA (fruit acid) Yogurt Extract
Do you know 
the Bath of the Beauty?

One of the "Bath of the Beauty" that has been loved for a long time is the baking soda spring with alkaline (pH 8.5 or higher). Baking soda, which helps to lift sebum and the dirt, has the effect of making the hot water mild and softening dead skin cells. You will get so smooth skin and the elegant beauty after bathing. In fact, "Baking Soda White Bath Kyoto" is pH 9.7*!! You can enjoy the glowing feeling at home as if you were in baking soda spring.

  • *This is the pH value when 30g of this product is added to 200L of tap water at 40 degrees (Celsius).
    The value may varies depending on the water quality or the measurement conditions.
  • *This product is not reproducing a hot spring.