Ishizawa Keana Goodbye Pore Makeup Base 石泽研究所毛孔隐形隔离

  • $21.99
wants to have a bare skin look without visible pores.

Where are the pores?
Just one application makes you beautiful

A light application of the silky soft makeup base and the foundation. Wow! Black pores and open pores have disappeared!
Covering pores while also care of the skin with silk, sericin, hydrolyzed silk, and collagen as moisturizing ingredients.

Just one application, where are the pores?

Widely Open Nadeshiko-chan with open pores. Tight Cute Nadeshiko-chan without pores.
Smooth and silky beauty lasts all day long♪
  • NADESHIKO Goodbye Pore Makeup Base 12g
    NADESHIKO Goodbye Pore Makeup Base
    Soft & light makeup base covers the bumpy skin.
    Just spread lightly where you are concerned about open & black pores such as cheeks and nose, and it will make the skin smooth and poreless.
    This is a makeup base that covers the pores with a light application that doesn't need any techniques.
  • Easy to carry! Slim type cushion foundation NADESHIKO Goodbye Pore Foundation 12g 2 colors

Good Bye KEANA!


How to use "Goodbye Pore Makeup Base"

After conditioning the skin with lotion, take an adequate amount on a fingertip and gently massage into pores with small circular movements.


Ishizawa 石泽研究所毛穴抚子隐形毛孔隔离霜妆前乳,美容护肤