Ishizawa Everyday Germa White Bath Salt(big) 矿物盐排毒瘦身浴盐(大包)

  • $19.99


  • 在用浴缸中蓄温水,倒入适量浴盐,搅拌,待溶解后即可泡澡
-It is a highly effective bath agent, you can feel your fatigue relieved after 5 minutes of bathing
-If you slowly soak in the hot spring like bathtub, you can have a good night sleep
-Let you enjoy the comfort of hot springs at home
-10 minutes of warm bath can help perspiration, promote calorie burning, and excrete endotoxin and excess water from the body
-10 minutes of warm bath can also relax the body and mind and help sleep
-The skin moisturizing ingredients contained in the bath salt make the skin smoother and softer 

How to use

  • Fill warm water in a bathtub, pour in desired amount into the water and stir, and you can soak in the bath after dissolving